Daddy Donut Dessert Parlour / cafe is a unique online/ Coffee shop donut bakery. Our donut delivery service is the best in Norwich even the land! After you take a look at our menu to find your favourite donuts or pastry, you can order a dozen to be delivered tomorrow or pop in our Coffee shop in Stalham. Our gourmet donuts are guaranteed to brighten your day!

Be the hero of your workplace, classroom or living room—all you need to do is get a Daddy Donut box of seriously Tasty doughnuts delivered to you by Daddy Donuts. Aim to deliver within 30 minutes, giving you the perfect amount of time to psych yourself up for the treat you’re about to receive.

If  you know tomorrow is gonna be a particularly bitter day, sweeten it up by ordering before 1pm the day before and know that although tomorrow might be Monday, doughnuts will be there and delivery will be free! Not all heroes wear capes, people. Come and enjoy our Coffee Donut Shop

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