The Escape Team Donut DIY Kit


4 Classic Donut DIY Kit with a teambuilding twist, great for Zoom meeting or the office. A extra option can be included for 4 more in app interactive games as well as printable sheets included at a cost of £4 extra.


 Escape Team is a print-and-play, interactive pen-and-paper escape game: players collaboratively solve puzzles through logical and creative thinking, as well as by cutting, folding and drawing on real paper. Entering their solutions in the Escape Team app, players unfold a thrilling audio narrative while racing against a merciless, ticking countdown.


The best way to have some family fun, Team building DIY Donut decorating.


With our Escape pack you have 4 yummy full size donuts to enjoy and have fun decorating. Perfect for a Zoom meeting or a birthday Zoom party or just as a little birthday treat.


The perfect Zoom get together, birthday party or just a night in. As well as at least four donuts, the decorating kit will come with the following items below-



  • 4 Daddy Donuts 

  • Instruction booklet

  • 2 bags of different flavoured ready to heat icing sugar. (White icing and Pink, may change ) Number depends on how many donuts

  • 1 Printed Escape game (option to purchase 4 more in-app and printed Escape games)

  • A mix of sprinkles and toppings depending on which one you pick (Flake, Marshmallow, Sprinkles, fudge, Smarties, this kits contents may change to what we have in stock and you could get more than whats included here) 3 toppings with this kit

  • Includes delivery Nationwide! delivery options includes:

-1st class postage (1 to 3 days)

- Next day delivery or chosen day (delivered to you before 4pm) 

** donuts are not sent out Friday, Saturday or Sunday including Bank holidays.


Game type

Collaborative digital-physical adventure / puzzle


  • printer (!) to print out the mission's PDF documents before playing (can be included)
  • 2-4+ players
  • Scissors, tape, and pens (ideally in bright, easily distinguishable colors)
  • An iOS or Android phone or tablet, running the Escape Team app (one single device for the whole team)

    The Escape Team app can be downloaded from the App Store and from Google Play:


About the Game

Pricing and Scope

  • The game's Training Mission and Mission 1: »Central Station« is included printed within the kit..
  • Later missions are available as in-app purchases (£4). as add ons
  • Missions vary in their level of difficulty and their duration, most are ca. 30 minutes.
  • Five missions (»Central Station«, »Terminal«, »Elevator«, »Rollercoaster«, and »Subway«) can be played right now, more will be available soon.



Escape Team is a digital-physical puzzle adventure. While it does require a mobile device running the Escape Team app, that's not where the action is.

Before playing, players print out a PDF document or printed for their mission. It contains the missions' puzzles, which require logical and creative thinking, as well as folding, cutting, drawing and glueing.

The Escape Team app provides the game's thrilling audio narrative, its gripping soundtrack and a merciless countdown. Also, it serves as the »game master« (checking the puzzles' solutions through a PIN pad). Nonetheless, the real action happens between the players, who cut, fold and draw, together and on real paper, in order to finish their mission in time.

Many of Escape Team's puzzles require close cooperation between players: Escape Team is a collaborative game in which the whole team joins forces to solve the maniac's puzzles before the bomb goes off.


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Props not included

Escape Room 4 Donut DIY Kit Perfect For Zoom Team Building

  • Items you will need:

    Wash your hands first, apron on, a microwave, bowl, have someone very responsible for heating the icing! and get creating!


    • Daddy Donuts 

    • Instruction booklet

    • bags of different flavoured ready to heat icing sugar.

    • An mix of sprinkles and toppings depending on which one you pick

    • Includes delivery Nationwide!


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