I Love You / Valentines Day Donut DIY Kit  (LIMITED STOCK)


We have now added some extra's to our DIY kits to make them even more fun.


The great gift, perfect birthday gift is our themed Fun and I Love you / Valentines Day Donut Kit which includes following extras :



I Love You Candles

Red Lips money box

Love Hearts

Themed sprinkles and other toppings

extras as options


(Items may change depending on stock but each item will be replaced with similar priced item)


All kits may change depending on stock, the amount of icing will depend on how many donuts. (Images are just for display and items may change)


The best way to have some family fun, DIY Donut decorating.


The perfect Zoom get together, birthday party or just a night in. As well as at least four donuts, the decorating kit will come with the following items below-



  • Daddy Donuts (amount depends on how many you pick when ordering)

  • Instruction booklet

  • bags of different flavoured ready to heat icing sugar. (White icing and Pink, may change )

  • Decorating eyes 

  • An mix of sprinkles and toppings depending on which one you pick (Flake, Marshmallow, Sprinkles, fudge, Smarties, this kits contents may change to what we have in stock and you could get more than whats included here)

  • Includes delivery Nationwide! delivery options includes:

-1st class postage (1 to 3 days)

- Next day delivery or chosen day (delivered to you before 4pm) 

** donuts are not sent out Friday, Saturday or Sunday including Bank holidays.


MORE OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM (topping may change) -

Classic includes sugar, sprinkles, chocolate flakes, marshmallows, white, pink,chocolate icing.

Caramel includes caramel chunks, chocolate flakes, white, chocolate caramel icing, fudge and more


Nutty includes Hazelnut, white and chocolate icing, Reeces, hazelnuts and more


American Chocolate includes white, chocolate icing and a lucky dip of American chocolate bar toppings ie Reeces


Filled Donuts will include the fillings either Nutella or chocolate along with icing and some toppings. Lucky Dip


Party Girl includes pink, white and luckly dip icing. Sprinkles, marshmallow, smarties and more


Party Boy includes blue, white and chocolate icing. Sprinkles, marshmallows, smarties and more


Looking to add more to this box ie gift card or more sweets and chooclate please visit our extras page and add some extras


Daddy Donuts offer a range of gourmet decorating DIY kits all with delivery options that suit you.


Buy doughnuts today from Daddy Donuts and light up your evening with fun and tasty treats.


All our kits may contain Nuts please make sure you are aware of this before you place your order. If you have a nut allergy please message us and we can do our best not to include any in the packs. (but the pack will always be may contain nuts)


Props not included

I Love you / Valentines Day Donut DIY Gift Kit

Extra Treats
  • Items you will need:

    Wash your hands first, apron on, a microwave, bowl, have someone very responsible for heating the icing! and get creating!


    • Daddy Donuts 

    • Instruction booklet

    • bags of different flavoured ready to heat icing sugar.

    • An mix of sprinkles and toppings depending on which one you pick

    • Includes delivery Nationwide!

    • Donuts can be put in freezer on arrival and taken out when needed. Defrost on work surface or in microwave till soft.


    For our plain donut INGREDIENTS please visit our diy donut page.

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